A inimitable, historical location of great charme that is now led by a young and dynamic team.This is the Fifty Five Milan, which, though maintaining the successful format and the exclusivity of the previous “Roialto”, still intends to improve and offer even more to its customers.“55 Milan”, masterfully carved inside a former train depot, is located at 55 Via Piero della Francesca, more than a thousand square meters (10,760+ sq feet) of open space with an ample rooftop terrace, in one of the most elegant and prestigious areas of Milan. A very area in Milan near the former railway station of Bullona. The 25 meter long, wooden old American (dated 1930) bar counter lit by an impressive chandelier of the same historical period make this place even more original and unique. Fifty Five: where the relaxed atmosphere, elegant yet unpretentious, is emphasized by the skillful lighting and furnishings that harken back to the style of the early years of the last century. Leather banquettes running along the wall, the original early-twentieth century bar, wooden shelves, and a limited number of seats, all come together to create a warm and comfortable setting where you may free your mind and follow your senses.

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